Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

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Amber Face Therapy

Rebalancing Facial
(90 min) - JD 90

There are several causes for oily skin such as hormonal disorders, poor diet, stress, sun exposure, and excessive make-up. Oily skin results in several skin conditions such as acne and skin inflammation. There are several ingredients in this facial that help rebalance your oily skin. Algae is rich in both vitamin C & A; vitamin C mops out free radicals and vitamin A contains retinoids that fade brown spots and smooth roughness. Calendula has an anti inflammatory effect and cucumber has a cooling effect. Another active ingredient in this facial is kaolin which reduces oiliness and has an antiseptic effect.

Bio Lifting Facial
(60 min) - JD 90

One of the main problems of aging skin is reduced blood circulation resulting in less oxygen reaching your cells. Blue Blood Gel cream which is used in this facial contains Perfluorocarbon. Perfluorocarbon penetrates the skin and releases oxygen which stimulates cell renewal and intensifies the penetration of other active ingredients. Peach Kernel oil energizes and refreshes the skin and viamin E stimulates blood circulation, protects and nourishes the skin. Marine collagen and Elastin mask reduces wrinkles and makes your skin firmer. This treatment leaves your face younger, more lifted and radiant.