Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

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New at Spa Amber

Algae Envelopment

(75 min) - JD 65
This cold envelopment combines the cleansing benefits of marine algae with the refreshing and uplifting benefits of essential oils. read more


Chocolate Envelopment

(75 min) - JD 65
Mayans have realized the benefits of cocoa for centuries and acknowledged it as a gift of nature. read more

Detox Facial

(75 min) - JD 100
Detoxication is on everyone's lips!! Our lifestyle demands a lot from our skin and environmental damage is inevitable! read more

Bio Lifting Facial

(60 min) - JD 90
One of the main problems of aging skin is reduced blood circulation resulting in less oxygen reaching your cells. read more